Current Prophetic Words

What the Lord is saying at Turning Point Apostolic Center

November 10, 2019

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord say it is going to get better and better. He is coming to change your perception. He says look at Me and it will get better and better and better.

DeeAnn Ward: God is saying through the power of His spirit, His presence is being manifested in your life. There is going to come a strength that is beyond your previous experience. The strength, joy, power and love of the Lord is yours in this season because it is going to be multiplied unto you. It is going to be observable and measurable, you are going to say I can’t believe I’m not caving in, or giving in, I’m not sad or sorrowful because the strength of the Lord is coming in a new and powerful way. It’s going to look like joy unspeakable and full of glory. You are going to say how can I be happy when things are falling apart. He says, because I’m manifesting Myself in a new and powerful way in your life. Don’t be afraid of the future. You are being recreated in the powerful image of My son, in the powerful image and character of His strength and His joy. 

October 13, 2019

Becky Albert: I saw the Lord step into our praises. He was on fire and He had a prayer shawl around His shoulders. He took His shawl and descended among us to wrap it around each one of us individually. As He wrapped His shawl around us individually, the fire that was in Him came into us. We were burning together with joy. It is all about the love, the Lord says. My people have looked for the mechanics of intimacy and they have forgotten about the love that I have for them. Joy comes as a result of knowing My love. So in this season He wants you to know that He is joining you in a new covenant of love. He is downloading into you the fire of passion that burns from a heart that knows His love. In this season, open yourself to Me and praise Me with joy and in the praising Me with joy, I will ascend and descend into your praises. I will come to you with a new intimacy.

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a picture of little kids when the fire hydrants are opened to flow. The kids got in the streets and played, romped and were totally saturated. I  saw all of us being saturated in His joy, in His love and His peace for this season. Don’t be afraid to jump on in.

June 30, 2019

Jo Pierpoint: When we were singing "Ancient of Days" I saw an ancient gateway and people came through it. As they were coming through the gateway, they were stepping into something new. The old was falling off of them. It was like they were glowing. The Ancient of Days sent His son so that we may walk in the new, embrace the new, that we may have a new identity. May we realize who we are in Him. He is in us and we are in Him and He is in the Father. When we embrace this new identity, we can reach up and touch Him. We always pray, "thy kingdom come." God said, why don't you just come up here? 

June 9, 2019

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord say, the lid is coming off, I'm taking the lid off limitations that have held you in the past. I saw the fire falling from heaven, I saw the portal, I saw the lid open over this place. I saw it begin as embers and the embers kept flowing and then it became a river of fire. I saw it burning up every tether, every stronghold, every thought process, everything that has limited this place and these people. I am burning it up today. I have come in as the King of Glory. I am the King of Glory.  I am coming in boldness and such power and such authority on the inside of you, such as the world has not seen before. This is the season, says the Lord, this is the time. Open up yourself to Me today and I will do those things that I have promised in My word. Today is the day, today is your day of Pentecost. Today is your day of fire, open up yourself to Me, says the Lord. 

DeeAnn Ward: For the gates of the city are on the inside of you. You are My gates, saith the Lord. You are My house. You are My temple. Let Me come in, in this new form of glory, this new form of power, this new form of the administration of My spirit. My spirit does not come today as a lamb, my spirit comes as a lion, the tribe of Judah. So brace up, because I'm coming in a powerful way to open up your gate, saith the Lord.

June 2, 2019

Stephanie Condit: The angels are pouring blessings out and it's just a matter of receiving. The Lord says, I want you to come up, I want you to come up and in this the blessings are coming down. You come up and the blessings are coming down. He says today I want to show you things from My perspective. I want you seeing things from a heavenly perspective because some things are not as they appear. There is a higher perspective that I want to bless you with because in that perspective there is joy, there is peace, there is a place of rest that I want to give you today. Just receive it, come up.

DeeAnn Ward: We need to recognize that we are all seated with Christ in heavenly places.

May 19, 2019

DeeAnn Ward: God is dealing with your doubt and unbelief. I'm attacking your doubt and unbelief with My goodness, saith the Lord. I'm going to render your doubt and unbelief ineffective as you go forward. You will know My true love nature. Love never fails, love is what makes faith work. I'm addressing the cracks. It's going to be like sweet honey flowing down through those cracks as you experience My goodness and My love in the days ahead. Do not worry when I attack your doubt and unbelief. I'll attack it with My goodness and My love and free you to believe, in Jesus name.

April 14, 2019

Jo Pierpoint: I saw Jesus dancing with a human being; ring around the rosy on the mountain top. He has His crown on. He took it off and put it on the person and when He did, they started ascending up into the heavens. 

DeeAnn Ward: In this season I've called you to wear My crown. I've called you to wear a crown of victory. You can participate in My resurrection victory because we are one with the Father and I am in you and you are in Me and we are in the Father. As that revelation continues to mature in us, the Lord would say, this is your season to understand that we share the victors’ crown because you are one with Me. Wow.

March 31, 2019

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a huge mountain range and each mountain was a problem, whether it was health, finances, a coworker, family. It was all problems that formed a big mountain range and it looked overwhelming. 

I saw two huge hands and they came up to the mountains and then the hands came up around the mountains and embraced them and they turned into a little mound of dirt. 

So…nothing is impossible. Give it to Him, give it to Him. Each and everyone. Give your health to Him. Give your joy to Him. Give it all to Him.

March 24, 2019

Becky Albert: I’m hearing the Spirit of the Lord say, speak to the darkness that is lodged in the soul of every person today. I address the darkness of doubt and unbelief. I speak to the soul and say, loose us and let us go. Doubt and unbelief cannot stay hidden in the dark places. The Lord’s eye is upon us today. The assignment of darkness is now over. We are in a “connector” moment where heaven intersects with us in the earth realm. God says, have no fear and have no doubt, for faith has come to a new level. 

DeeAnn Ward: God says, I am ever faithful. God is faithful to His word. He said, you lock onto and engage My word and that is what I will be faithful to. I am faithful to the truth of My Holy Spirit. 

March 17, 2019

Becky Albert: I saw an ancient door open in the heavens and what appeared to be sound waves coming in row, after row, after row, and they were hitting the earth. I saw the spirit of man and those who would open themselves to these sound waves were being rolled over, over and over with this new sound of glory.  It's been saved, the Lord says, for this timeframe, even in this week. These sound waves of glory that are coming from heaven hold a revelational quality and they are revealing the truth of your identity in this next season. 

So open yourself to Me today and allow the revelational sound waves of glory, that are coming from heaven, unveil in you the truth of who I have created you to be. It is no longer a time to hold back says the Lord. It is a time that you open yourself to Me, as you have never opened yourself to Me before. For this revelational sound has been saved for such a season as this. I am releasing it now to those who receive. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says you have some extra puzzle pieces in your puzzle box and He says let the sound come in and blow those pieces out of your box so that you'll have a right picture and view of yourself and what I want to do in the earth. 

DeeAnn Ward: The Holy Spirit is saying you have known Me as the wind. He's saying in the future you will know Me as an internal substance. You will know Me as a weight, you will know Me as a materialized evidence of the light that lives on the inside. You'll begin to recognize when I am manifesting Myself and you will corporate with that substance called the new creation.   

Watch out, watch out, watch out, old things are passed away and behold I am making all things new. It has a substance and it will be filling you with joy unspeakable and full of glory. 

March 10, 2019

DeeAnn Ward: I heard Him say as the praise goes up, the strongholds come down. That's what He said yesterday. He's still talking about it this morning in my spirit. He said there are strongholds I'm going to deal with this next season that are caused by the mixture of religion and the new renewed life I'm calling you to. So get ready and watch out. 

This is a season where I move with ease in your life. This is not a struggle that you have to undertake. This is an acceptance of moving right, moving into what time it is. It's time to receive new strength, new victory, new vision, new power in the Holy Spirit. It’s time to recognize that Christ and the resurrection power is available this moment. So say yes!

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord saying there's a flowing in the river of His power that's coming into our presence in this next season. That river is going to cause many shifts and many changes and many realignments as the river flows through you. But the Lord says be ready to flow with My spirit. Be instant in season and out of season. 

Allow Me to go into the deepest part of who you are and cause a new thought system and a new thought pattern to develop in you. 

For the Lord says I want to take you higher, I want to take you above. I want to take you to the place I've called you to be. But your old systems of thinking and your old thought patterns have held you back from the fullness of His power and His glory. 

So He says in this season, allow the river of My power to invade your life and allow Me to shift and change you and move you in the way that I need you to move says the Lord.

February 24, 2019

Stephanie Condit: My name is higher than every decree that's coming out this month. If you hear a decree that comes against what My plans and My purposes for America are, you lift up My name and say they are broken in Jesus name. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say, turn on your receiver. Just as you received Jesus, just as you received salvation, turn on your receiver and tune into Me. Everything I have for you is received. You don't have to do anything else today but turn on your receiver and receive.

February 10, 2019

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say there's a fresh anointing in the house today. All those things that have been bugging you, bothering you, hounding you and depressing you for the last 30 days, the Lord says today is the day to put on a mantle of joy, a mantle of thanksgiving, a mantle of praise that will cause all those things to fall to the ground as insignificant because that's what they are says the Lord. 

Lisa Kilts: He would say He wants to pour out His love, His joy. He wants you to look to Him. Even as you look in a mirror, He wants your reflection, your identity, to come up a level. 

He wants to pour His love out on you more than you’ve ever experienced. So get ready for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

Stephanie Condit: I felt like this morning we have filters that have been put in our lives from the world. We see ourselves in the wrong way and He wants to show us our true identity. He's ripping off those glasses, those filters of the world so that we can see ourselves as He truly made us. We can see our true identity. That's what this month is all about. 

He says this is the season of joy, when you understand your true identity. Joy is going to be strengthened in you and you can move forward in who you really are. You are His beloved.

February 3, 2019

DeeAnn Ward: I'm hearing the spirit of God say, I have indeed given you My name, you are mine.  My name is stamped anew and afresh in your DNA.  

I intend in this season to magnify My name in you. So take no thought for how qualified you might be because you are unqualified except through the great power of My name. My name rules over all things and as you extend My rule, you will extend it through the greatness of My name.

So this is a good day to magnify the name of the Lord. 

When we see the power of His name and we meditate on the power of His name, His greatness becomes an attribute that we walk in. We are not far from His greatness as we meditate on His name.   

2019 Overview

DeeAnn Ward:

*This is the year of Kingdom manifestation “Thy kingdom come thy will be done…”
*This is the year of increasing faith and confidence in God.
*This is the year of the word becoming fleshed out.
*This is the year to be separated unto Jesus.
*This is the year to be sanctified:  spirit, soul and body.
*This is the year to hunger and thirst for righteousness.
*“I declare the covering off the occult and what the light reveals becomes the spoil of the righteous” Mt 10:26  . . .for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.


Becky Albert:
*It is the year to be bold and courageous. Bold means fearless, daring, brave, audacious.
*It is the year for the church to find it's voice. Silence empowers the darkness. When you don't use your voice, when you are not speaking the word of God, your silence empowers the enemy to hold darkness in its place in your life. 

We don't want darkness and the right of the enemy to hold that darkness, created by us because we refuse to open our mouth and speak what God speaks and say what God says and releasing the word of the Lord into the atmosphere, It's creative and it's powerful.

The more I say it, it's out there forming everything that I'm saying about the now time and then it manifests, in time.

It is the year to be bold and courageous. Believe the word of God, speak the word of God,. Do not allow silence to empower darkness around you, your family, the land, whatever, wherever. This is “the book of Acts” year. 

*It is the year of dramatic occurrences. Dramatic means sudden and striking, substantial, measurable, marked, noticeable. Dramatic encounters will happen this year, in God's people and in the world and that's exciting. 

The veil is very thin to the supernatural this year. 

You are going to have angels and face to face encounters with Jesus Christ that are exploding across the globe. But that also means the veil to the supernatural is thin to the dark realm. There will be dramatic conflicts this year.

But here's the good news, we can just be happy about it because we already know who wins. And we are not going to be silent. We're going to speak the word of the Lord in those dramatic conflicts and we're going to see God win. He's going to have Himself some glory this year.

*It is the year of dramatic changes. When I reread Acts 2 this week, I said, God did that kind of Holy Spirit invasion happen to me the day that I received the baptism of Holy Spirit? I struggled to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I practically sweat blood to get my prayer language. I want a new Pentecost. I want a pillar of fire to come over me. I want to be changed, so that I go from that encounter, filled with the fire and the glory of Jesus Christ. I desire a whole nation would be turned upside down because I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. Dramatic changes. 

*It is the year of dramatic healings. Dramatic, sudden and striking, substantial, measurable, marked, noticeable, book of Acts healings.

When Peter and John were at the gate beautiful, they looked at the cripple at the gate and said, silver and gold have I none but such as I have, I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk. They grabbed his hand and the power of God flowed through their body into that man.

The rulers, elders and scribes said, the evidence is right here in front of us. The man is healed and there's not a lot we can punish you for in that, but don't you dare tell anybody else. Don't you talk about Jesus. You just be silent and let that darkness surround the people. And Peter said, you tell me this. What's the best thing? For me to obey you or obey God? 

*It is the year to obey God. Be bold, be courageous and expect dramatic occurrences. 

January 20, 2019

Stephanie Condit:  The Lord says this year, as the plowing happens, it is going to root up those bad roots.  There's going to be new roots of righteousness, peace and joy that's being planted. As you move through this year and when you get on a hard dirt clod, then patience and hope for what is coming is what you need. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say this, I'm the vine and you are the branches. You are not the vine, I am the vine. So stay connected to Me. The life source of the finished work of the cross is totally in the vine and He will supply everything you need. That is going to cause fruit to come.

January 13, 2019

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says let joy be your wall, let joy be your strength. Strength comes out of your joy and joy comes and leads you to peace. Today let joy rise up. 

Becky Albert: That joy comes from knowing who I am. That joy comes from knowing you walk in a covenant relationship with Me that provides everything you could ever want, think, hope or imagine. 

That wall of joy comes as you find the place of intimacy with Me and I pour out on you My love, My presence, My fire. 

The Lord says there's an acceleration coming for those who will put up this wall of joy, regardless of the circumstances around you. Praise Me says the Lord. And in the midst of that praising, your prison doors will fall open, they will fly open and I will set you free to walk in joy. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say, yes we're entering tumultuous situations. We are entering a season of birthing, like never before. Stand with Me, stay with Me, I win. I do have everything you need. Connect yourself to that wall of joy and you'll come through and give birth.

January 6, 2019

Becky Albert: There's an Acts 2 moment coming into this place and it's coming into your life. The Holy Spirit roared into that upper room and a pillar of fire came in their midst. They were forever changed.  And the Lord says, there's a new Pentecost coming to My people and there's going to be a pillar of fire that comes in the midst of everyone. If you will be obedient and if you will say yes, it will change everything you are and everything you do. It will change everywhere you go. It will change every word you say. There is a new Pentecost coming in 2019/5779, be ready. 

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a pair of white converse tennis shoes with checks and wings on the back of them. New shoes for all of us. 

When you are on the race track and you’re bent down and you’re ready to go and the pop of that gun goes off, are you going to stand there or are you going to run the race to spread His glory all over this earth.

December 30, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: The Lord would say, I have for a season kept you from knowing some things. God's word comes and it functions in the earth just like the cycles of seed time and harvest. Rain goes and comes and goes back up. The word of God always accomplishes that for which it was sent. There's going to be some things that will grow up and show themselves.  The Lord says, joy is going to come in your heart. You have planned your course but I'm going to direct your steps today. There is a portal of the presence of God here. I saw the company of heaven start pushing the walls of that portal out. That just means bigger portal, bigger opportunity. And then He said, yes I heard your prayer. That's what He told me. Yes I heard your prayer. Yes I know the intrinsic inner workings of the dynamics of your soul. Yes I know you. I am going to dig a new well in you this year. I'm digging out a hole for Myself in you, saith the Lord. That is like when you uncap an old well and it gets stuff that it's never gotten before because it was capped. He said I'm uncapping your ability to operate at a newer and deeper level with My presence and My spirit. So yes I heard it, yes I see it, yes I know it and yes I'm going to do something about it, saith the Lord. 

Lisa Kilts: The Lord wants to release something over you today. I want to say, Shana Tova, which is good year or happy new year in Hebrew. The word Shana Tova means new beginning, newness of life, newness. God wants to release newness of life as you press into the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God. He will release new life to you in this new year. So be expecting it.  I decree you will have new life this year. 

Diane Hicks: I know there's people that's been dealing with some pain issues, health issues. That makes me angry when I know people are in pain and that's not what God's assignment is for their life. God wants healing for our lives. So now we're going to call forth healing. Say, healing come forth. Now those are words, but they are out in the atmosphere. It's time for you to call it forth right now. So I want each one of you to say, I call forth healing right now in Jesus name. I believe this is our time. We need healing for the new born, we need healing for our elderly, we need healing for many ages in between. God called us forth for a purpose and a plan. To complete His assignment.I feel that has been in the atmosphere this morning. I call forth and say that spirit of pain has to leave. And the more you call that forth, it has to leave. Call forth your healing from God. Now the pain will try to come back. You just keep at it, don't give up, ever. 

December 23, 2018

Becky Albert: There's a communion waiting for My people. It's a place of intimacy the Lord is taking us into in this new season. We'll lay our head on the chest of the Lord Jesus Christ and hear the heartbeat of heaven. Many of us have never experienced that kind of true intimacy with the Lord and that kind of true communion with Him. In this season of miracles and yet a season of great war; in this season of birthing and this season of new beginnings, the Lord says there's a deeper place of communion with Me. There's a place that I'm taking My people for all who will say yes, for all who will hunger, for all who will trust, for all who will pull aside and take the time. Come to Me says the Lord and experience this new depth of communion that I have waiting for you in this season.  

DeeAnn Ward: I intend that you become My beachhead in this earth. You become My beachhead for the kingdom, My Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. I intend to strengthen your righteousness and make it a bold aspect of your life. I intend to expand your peace so that nothing can shake you in your confidence in My promises.  I delight in releasing a new measure of the wine of Holy Spirit called joy. I intend that you experience My joy, so the beachhead has a character, it's the character of righteousness. It has the emotion of peace and joy and it has the final outcome of My promises that you will receive in this season. So don't be shaken by the bad news. I have come to bring good news in this season through My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says if you are uneducated or ordinary but you are a taker of communion, then you are set up for a miracle.  You either can have a miracle or you can participate in someone else having a miracle. The body was broken and the blood was shed. There is no iniquity, there's no sin, there's no shame, there's no guilt, there's nothing that is more powerful than the blood and the body of My Son.

December 16, 2018

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a heart with a room in it and in the room was a bunch of presents. That's your miracles. Out of the heart a man speaketh. Let every heart make room, so be careful what you speak. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord is so thankful for you. You are great pleasure to Him. He has a big heart and His heart is overjoyed with thinking of you and loving you. He loves your presence. 

Lisa Kilts: Taste and see that the Lord is good. He has a desire to release His goodness to you today. So taste Him today and see how good He is.  

Diane Hicks: I saw in the spirit a beautiful gift that was given to each one of you. The present was so beautifully wrapped that you didn't even want to open it. It was so pretty. But when you did open it up, your desires were in there, coming out. I saw doves come out in flight.  I felt like God is giving each one of you a gift…that you wanted and it is so special. 

Sheila Zimmerman: I saw the Lord sing over all of you with joy.  He sings over you with joy. I saw Him laughing and laughing. He's laughing at your enemies today.

December 9, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: The Lord would say, watch out, watch out, watch out. Just when you least expect it, I'm going to overwhelm you with unspeakable joy.  This is My gift to you in this season. Do not look at the darkness because there is plenty of that, but He says, expect. Get your expector out for the joy of the Lord. The joy that is the gift of the Lord. Not the gift of your own self will, but the gift that comes from on high, the gift that is birthed out of the Lord Jesus and deposited in us by Holy Spirit. He says, you watch out and enjoy Holy Spirit this season. You watch out and enjoy the season of unspeakable joy. He says, don't even be surprised that the tears don't run down your face for the glory of the joy. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says there are some of you that have been getting beat up by regrets, bad choices, things that you wished you wouldn't have done. You feel like you are behind. And the Lord says, I want to give you a new picture. I want My love to come in and give you a new picture. I want you to see yourself as Secretariat. Even though you may be coming from behind, you are going to win the race. Your heart is bigger than most other horses’ hearts. He is making your heart bigger because of the love that He is bringing to infuse into you so that you can see it. This is the season where we see, let the eyes of your heart be enlightened today with the love of the Father that He wants to bring to you today.

Receive it in Jesus name.

Lord we thank You that we are in Your season and in Your timing and in Your calendar. We come in agreement with that and we do declare and receive and say over our hearts - our hearts are being enlightened by Your truth, Your love, Your spirit. In Jesus name.

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say in this Ayin month, in this Ayin season, to be expecting to see things you've never seen before, to see miracles. The eye of God is on you, in the next seven to eight months in a major way to release the miracles of God and you will see them.

December 2, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I am not a man that I should lie and I come to break that over you this day as an eternal truth you can participate in. Although your eyes have not yet seen, you can know that I would not lie in this matter. I indeed am working behind the scenes. I call you to trust Me with all of your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Me in this season and I will direct your path. Your path is a path that is filled with light and life. Your path is to be filled with peace and rest. Your light is to shine forth in this season so that your good works would result in My glory. 

So relax and know that I am indeed not a man that I would lie.  

Stephanie Condit: There is no failure, no mistake, no regret, no shame that can overshadow My light in this season. Draw a line in the sand as we enter into the season and say, "It's no more." 

Becky Albert: There are some who've had disappointments and life hasn't turned out the way you thought it would. You assume God didn't hear and answer your prayers. But He says, I was working behind the scenes in ways that you could not see. I was preparing a path for you to walk on this day, called today.  

You can have a new beginning. The Lord says, it's a matter of your mindset. I'm asking you not to trust Me with goose bumps, not to trust Me with emotions. I'm asking you to make a choice. Choose that I am God alone. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard Him say, I am so pleased. He is so, over the top, pleased that you have come today to celebrate and begin the celebration of the Light coming to the world. And He is not a man that He should lie, He says, I want this light to shine upon you and it will. Just focus on Me, focus on the light in this season. 

Diane Hicks: Nothing is impossible, absolutely nothing is impossible. It's time for you to stand your ground. It's time for you to take that step forward and not a step backwards. 

This is your time and nothing is impossible. The light shines within you. The words that you say will emit it through.

Sheila Zimmerman: The Lord delights to pour out His mercy over you today. In that mercy, His light is going to shine in every area of darkness in your life. It will begin to illuminate. You will see miracles, signs and wonders in those areas that were dark at one time. Now His light is shining in.  

Jill Buesing: Change your expector.  You have an expector and you need it changed.   

DeeAnn Ward: We've heard what God's plan for us in this season is. It's a season of Him working in extraordinary ways and bringing confidence to us that He is not a man that He would lie. 

Let’s say deep in our heart, I'm changing my mind about some things that I thought I knew. I could be wrong. 

God brought me here to turn me around, turn my expector around. 

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a court room and a judge. He sat behind the bench and He had a gavel. He was slamming down His gavel. There were decrees and He was signing them in His blood.

The decrees that were not made, did not make it into the court.

He was signing the decrees - this is your miracle, this is your miracle and the gavel was going down. The decree was, “it is done and it is so.”

November 25, 2018

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say this morning that He loves everyone so much and He just wants to infuse you with light in this season. I declare over you that your eyes are infused with the light of Jesus Christ.

Becky Albert: Kislev is the season of miracles. I heard the Lord say during worship that He wants to visit us during this season of miracles. He wants to show us and prove to us His power. I declare during Hanukkah, the season of miracles, that He will show us His miraculous power and that He would show us His great love and provision. The Lord says we all have a great future and destiny. 

November 18, 2018

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says, My power is no greater or lesser, it has always been the same. But today you are going to experience it in a way that it will become greater than it ever has been.

DeeAnn Ward: I keep hearing the Lord say, behold I am doing a new thing. I've been meditating on that and He said, My new thing looks like unexpected love. My new thing looks like a great measure of love in the mundane and the normal place of your life.  

I'm coming to re-ignite your love relationship with Me. I'm coming to give you a brand new refreshing, a love bath, says the Lord. I'm going to wash you in a way that will take you out of religion, take you out of complacency, take you out of anxiety driven prayers and release you into a Fathering anointing, that looks like an abundance of love. 

I saw the angels this morning and they were in three piece suits, black. They had on polished, dress, tie up shoes. They were all over the place praising God. And I heard Holy Spirit say to me, I am visiting the “three piece suites” this morning.  I'm visiting the three piece suites today and I'm going to break into their lives and I'm going to remove some obstacles and I'm going to loose a freshness of My Holy Spirit. A freshness of revival. He said revival is going to come to the “three piece suites” men.  In Jesus name.

November 11, 2018

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord saying as we go into a season of thanksgiving, that thankfulness is going to be a strategy.  That is not about just being thankful but it really breaks the depression. There are people that are in situations that are just overwhelming and devastating. Bring your thankfulness, even as a trickle, just let it trickle. Then there will be a gushing, a breaking of the depression off of you. So it becomes a strategy in this season. And the Lord says, I am thankful for you, each and everyone of you. I am thankful for you. 

Lisa Kilts: I hear the Lord saying; "Activation." He wants to encourage each and everyone of you today that He is no respecter of persons. We are in a season activation. We are in a season of declaration. He wants to activate each person. He wants to bring a season of activation and declaration for you to be kings and priests in the earth. His power lives in us. We have the power to declare and see mountains move. 

Becky Albert: I have a word of encouragement. I felt there were several that were battling a real oppressive spirit and a real depression. And if we look around us in the world, there's certainly a lot of reason for that to be happening in our lives. But, it's all about thanksgiving. We need to find a way to activate our thanksgiving and our praise unto the Lord, even if all you can do is just put on a praise song and listen to it for ten minutes. Lets activate our faith. Let’s understand and let’s realize hard times come. Just because we're born again and spirit filled, doesn't mean that we do not walk through dark times. And it doesn't mean that we don't walk through difficult times. And it doesn't mean that sometimes we even begin to wonder if God really is still on the throne. But He's here today to tell you that He is. And He's still ruling and He's still reigning. Everything that you are facing, that is trying to rob you of your faith and even to doubt that God is real…He's still on the throne, He's here today to encourage and tell you, He's real, He's on the throne. And He's in favor of you and He does love you and He does thank you for persevering in the difficult times that you are facing. So don't give up, don't give in. Activate your faith, don't go back, because that's what the enemy wants. He wants to take you out. So don't let Him.

November 4, 2018

Becky Albert: I was thinking about the sound that we carry on the inside of us. When that first drop of blood hit the ground and redemption was complete, that sound now reverberates on the inside of you. That's what makes the devil run. Because we've got the blood. It's a sound of revival and revival means, what was dead has come to life. You have once been dead, but now you are born into life, through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Everywhere you walk, that sound reverberates from you. And it is bringing light and it is bringing life and it is bringing mercy and it is bringing grace. The blood of Jesus Christ is sounding through you. 

Stephanie  Condit: As the fire burns, the waters are going to come and wash you today. There's a detoxing and a cleansing. There are lies that you have believed, but the Lord says today, I want to take them from you. There's going to be relief and there's going to be a breaking. There are burdens, that have come from believing a lie, that are coming off today.

October 21, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: God said if you will give it to Me, I will reign over it. I will place your life in My times and in My care. I will rule and reign over everything that concerns you. You can rest in peace the rest of your life. Give it to Me, give it to Me and I will rule and reign over it saith the Lord. He said, take your eyes off your stuff. Take your worries off your stuff. You are seated with Me in heavenly places. It is My will to relieve you of that which concerns you. I want you to know in this season that I rule and reign over everything that you give Me that concerns you. Give it to Me because I am waiting to take this burden off your shoulders. My burden is light for you in this season. I intend to rule over that which is Mine and that which is given to Me to rule over says the Lord.

Lisa Kilts: Just recently I had a prophetic dream. I was pregnant in the dream standing in the doctors office with other full-term pregnant women. When I looked down I looked normal, not like I was about to give birth. From that dream the Lord wants to say to you today, in this month of Cheshvan, which has a focus of covenant and in this Hebrew year of birthing, God wants to build your faith up. Yes, He is going to birth some things in each one of you this year that it may not look like it, or seem like it. It may be something you have been believing for or haven’t even been believing for. He wants to build your faith to be expecting to give birth this year. So, declare, I will birth something out of the Kingdom of God.

Stephanie Condit: He was made poor so that we might be made rich. The Lord says today there are strategies or a strategy that is there for you to reach up and grab and pull down into your now. If you have poverty thinking, finances, health issues or wherever there is poverty in your life, the Lord says He is going to give you a strategy to break it off. Jesus, My Son has broken it off today.

DeeAnn Ward: Be expectant. It is okay in this season to be expectant. Maybe you haven’t been expectant or you let go of some expectancy, pick it up and run with it. It is the Lord’s work in us to create an atmosphere of faith so He can do His miraculous strategies in Jesus name.

Jo Pierpoint: I saw an incubator. In the incubator was a map of Kansas and of the counties. The incubator was open and over it was a crown. It was a purple crown. The color of royalty. It is time to step into the place we should be in. He is there and ready and we are being incubated for something really great. 

October 14, 2018

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord saying that in the remainder of the month of Messiah (Cheshvan) there is an unveiling and an unfurling of who I truly am in the mist of your life. The Lord says there have been scales over some of your eyes and you have not been able to see My power and My glory in the way that I desire for you to see. It has held you back and kept you from believing Me and held you back and kept you from acting in faith. The Lord says in the remainder of the month of Messiah, if you will pull aside into the joy of the Lord, I will be unveiling and revealing Myself in your midst.

Jo Pierpoint: I come down the highway to church today and on the north side of the road they were drilling for oil. I don't know if you have ever had an opportunity to be present when they actually hit that oil. It just shoots up everywhere. When we were praising and worshiping I had the vision of that happening but it was the oil of joy, the oil of happiness, the oil of healing, the oil of anointing. A lot of times the men run when oil starts shooting out. Don't run, just stand under it and soak it all in. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I'm speaking life today. When the plates start shifting underground, there are going to be springs that show up. There are old springs that are going to be revived and new springs that are going to be developed. And where those springs are developed, the fear of the Lord is going to fall and there is going to be a return to life. We speak to Geuda Springs, KS right now. We speak life to Geuda Springs and from Arkansas City, from this ecclesia, we speak life and we say the strongman, victim/predator spirit, will be exposed. All predators will be exposed. We speak life to Geuda.  

Lisa Kilts: The Lord says in this season of joy, I'm in the business of infusion into your hearts. The precepts of Jehovah are upright, rejoicing the heart, the commandment of Jehovah is pure, enlightening the eyes. He does require a pure heart. But guess what, He's the one that makes it pure. So He says to you, hand Me your heart in this season of joy and I'm going to infuse it with joy like you've never felt before. 

October 7, 2018

Becky Albert: The one enthroned in heaven, laughs and scoffs over His enemies and over your enemies. The Lord is saying, there's a season of rest and a season of joy that I'm pouring out on My people.  For the winds have blown and the whirlwinds have swirled but I'm in the midst of the wind and I am in the midst of the whirlwind. So open your heart today and receive the joy. For I laugh and I scoff at your enemies. Who are they, compared to the King of Glory? 

Stephanie Condit: I heard check your phones; there's a flood warning coming and it's the joy river. It is coming and it's going to carry off those bitter rocks and those bitter roots are going to be carried away in the river of joy. 

Sheila Zimmerman: I saw God planting new seeds in your womb this morning. New beginnings, new joy, new faith, new hope. This is a new season, the past season is gone. This is a new beginning for each and everyone. 

Jo Pierpoint: I saw a giant hand. The giant hand was full of honey. Honey was dripping between all the fingers. So that would be like the sweetness of God. The glory of God. The happiness of God. The goodness of God. 

September 30, 2018

Stephanie Condit: I heard the Lord say very clearly today, I'm going to break off hopelessness. The Lord says that hopelessness is coming off. There are lies going out that say you can't hear Me.  So today, lift up your hands and say, in the name of Jesus, every bit of hopelessness is broken now. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say, I'm getting ready to invade the earth with My time. So get ready to get on My time. Get ready to see what it's like to flow in My time and walk on the paths of My time. On My time there are only blessings, there's no curse on My time. My time is getting ready to invade the earth like never before. The Kingdom of God is coming and it's in His time. 

Denise Nutt:  The first thing I heard the Lord say was unfailing love. We fail ourselves, the world fails us, but God, His love, never fails us.  The other thing I heard is that He's more than enough. So there may be someone who doesn’t know if God is enough. Don’t complicate it. He is not complicated, He is more than enough. 

Becky Albert: I saw the Lord walk into the room and He grabbed each one of us and held us in His arms. And when He did, He put His finger on our heart. It was like an electric paddle and it jump started our heart and He said, many have gotten out of sink and out of time with the Kingdom of heaven. I'm bringing you an electrical charge from heaven and setting your heartbeat back to the kingdom of God. I will do it individually in each one of you. I am touching the heart of this nation, with My finger, says the Lord. I am bringing an electric shock back into the heart of the United States of America. I am going to cause America to come back into alignment with My timing, My kingdom, My kingdom purposes, says the Lord. 

September 23, 2018

DeeAnnWard: I had a short vision. The vision was that we were all in a hot air balloon. Now frankly there would not be a chance that I would get in a hot air balloon. I'm not going to do that. So I know this is from the Lord. I would not, in the natural, get in a hot air balloon. 

The hot air balloon represents Him lifting us up so things have a different perspective. God says, this is the season I'm going to intervene in your life and give you a “hot air balloon” perspective. That which has seemed like a mountain is reduced in size and the purpose of the hot air balloon and the new view point is to release you into a new level of faith so you can rest in this season. The anxiety is gone because the perspective of faith brings you into His rest. In Jesus name. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord wants to remind you that before you were here on this earth, He knew you. Remember, I will be with you. The Lord says that even as you look at your family and as you pray for them, don't be discouraged in what you are seeing with your eyes. Just as the mountains and the valleys and the hills direct the waters of the river, so I am directing them to a place of decision. Be encouraged today and be in hope today because I am with you.

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say while we were worshiping that during this tabernacle season, when you are spending time with the Lord, look up, look up. To the stars, look up to the heavens because He wants to download to you a new perspective. Thank you Jesus. 

Jo Pierpoint: I saw huge grapes, like big grapes, huge grapes.  They were being squeezed out over everyone. Juice from the big huge grapes was coming over and saturating everybody.

September 16, 2018

Stephanie Condit: The Lord would say that I have, for a season, kept you from knowing some things, I've kept you in the dark. But as the rain comes and as the sun comes, there is going to be some things that are going to grow up and show themselves. The Lord says that joy is going to come. In your heart you have planned your course but I am going to direct your steps today. So make it a New Year's Resolution to get rid of worry and anxiety.  

Lisa Kilts: The Lord would say, yes I am opening the heavens and I am causing a new wine. I am changing the water into wine. I'm causing a new wine to flow. And  the wine will bring great joy into your life. So be expecting the joy of the Lord to flood over you like you've never felt before in the New Year 5779. 

DeeAnn Ward: Behold, I will do something new.  Now it will spring forth, will you not be aware of it? I will even make a way in the wilderness. Rivers in the desert. Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past. 

For this group of people in Isaiah, the past was captivity. Captivity caused by their sin. Captivity caused by their idolatry, their immorality and the things that they would not change. They were warned but they would not change until they went into captivity and then in Isaiah 43, God shows up. He's so good. And He says, behold I'm going to do a new thing. Now the reason why I'm telling you I'm going to do a new thing is so you can expect it. You've been living in a trash heap. Some of you for generations. Some of your parents before you, your grandparents before you. So He says, don't think about your past. Think about the new thing that I'm going to do. 

The Lord would say, the new thing is My thing. It is not your renewed, old thing. The Lord says, My thing, I initiate, I bring to pass, I'm just looking for somebody who will not remember the former things.  

He said I'm going to give you amnesia about the former things. And they're going to be powerless as we go forward in the things of this new year saith the Lord.  

Lisa Kilts: As we were worshiping I heard the Lord say, listen people, this wine has been fermented in heaven. It's fermented with the sounds of heaven so as it comes out of heaven, get your wineskin ready. Don't think of the past, don't think of the old. I'm new, I'm new, I'm new. And as that wine comes forth, it's going to fill you up.

September 9, 2018

Sheila Zimmerman:  For I'm the God of second chances, I'm the God of new beginnings. You may feel you've been going through the heat, withered and dried up, but I am sending a refreshing rain. I am giving you strength to push through and break through into victory and abundance. This is the season of great harvest, great abundance and great joy. 

Diane Hicks: I see this word breakthrough. I see many of us have had many changes and sometimes you see something that's overwhelming. It's like the building is too big, I can't get through it. But I see the whirlwinds coming through and knocking it down. So a lot of times we think of whirlwinds as major destruction, which it could be, but in this case, it's removing anything that's in your way, that has held you up. So now you have a new beginning. 

September 2, 2018

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord say receive My breath today, receive My river today. The refreshing and life in the weary places of your life. Take it and then go release it over your home, your business and your city. The land is ready to receive what you have. Love trumps the transgression in the land. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say He's getting ready to flood the earth with the frequency of awakening. Next week when that trumpet blast of awakening sounds, get ready, a portal of awakening will open and if you join into the frequency of awakening, you will be a portal in the earth to cause others to awaken.

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say I am coming in a cosmic way. The word cosmic means: inconceivably vast, huge, emit, enormous, massive, colossal, unfathomable, measureless, infinite, limitless. The Lord says I'm coming into this arena, into this arena called earth in a cosmic wave of My glory. There will be wave after wave after wave that will hit the earth realm and there will be those who have never known Me before, who will cry out and say I must know this King of Glory. And He has invited you to participate in these cosmic waves of His glory across the face of the earth. He is saying today enter in, enter in, the choice is yours. 

DeeAnn Ward: I say to you I'm breaking over you a new season. I'm breaking over you something special and brand new. And as it breaks over you, you are going to come into a new faith level and a new desire level that's going to crack off the old season of unbelief. It's going to break off the ho-hum of religion that you have settled for. Because I have great plans saith the Lord. I have a great salvation and you get to have what so ever things you desire, if you believe, saith the Lord.  

August 26, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: For the Lord would say I’ve carved out a path for you in My will. As the strongmen come against you, you stay on the path that I have carved and you will know it because it looks like peace, looks like joy, it looks like love in the Holy Spirit. He said you stay on that carved out path and you indeed will experience the victory and the redemption of all things that have come your way says the Lord.

Lisa Kilts: The Lord of hosts would say, I smell victory in here. The smell of victory is coming from this place to heaven. Get ready warriors, keep on watch and stay with Me because I win. We're going to win.  

August 19, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I began to hear the Lord say, I am issuing a summons for the redemption of some unseen things in this room. I have come to initiate a season of redemption.  Some things that you've given up on, saith the Lord, I have not given up on.  And when I initiate war to redeem, I win, saith the Lord.  So in this season of war; know that you have an agreement from Me, the Most High God, on your behalf. I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord. And they are for good and not for evil. That evil plan I am coming to redeem and to restore and to multiply in your life in a good season. He says that the best is yet to come.  

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says there is a breakthrough waiting for you today. There is a breakthrough. So, come and get in faith and be ready and waiting. Because there's a moment in time that's going to come today, that's going to break you through into your rewards. 

August 12, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I want to say the biggest force you have going for you today is your mouth. God says He wants you to open up your mouth with the expectation that He's going to fill it. When He fills it, the devil is going to run. He said some of you have been put on the wait list but God says the wait is over because the devil has got to run. We've got to run. We've got to run. We've got to run.

Stephanie Condit: You've got to prophesy to your own future. And you've got to say, run devil run. Because the Lord says, I have a good plan for you and a good future. And He says I see those broken areas in your life. And My mercy is great this month. So let Me lead you out of this place of brokenness and I'm going to restore.

Becky Albert: For I hear the Lord saying your finest days are yet ahead. It matters not what happened in the past. It doesn't matter what happened an hour ago. Your finest days are still ahead says the Lord. So trust Me. Open up your mouth and come into agreement with what I have to say about your life; because your finest days are still ahead.

Lisa Kilts: The Lord would say this is not a season of maybe things are going to happen. This is the season of His activation. He truly, truly is going to do great things in the earth now;
not later, now.

Denise Nutt: What always comes to me is how good God is. He is a good God and He loves us so much. So just hang on. It's a ride, yes, it's a ride; but God is good all the time.

Jo Pierpoint: We were singing that song, run devil run; but, the King is in the field. And we need to be running to Him with our mouths wide open; speaking what we want in this season. We don't have to follow protocol. We don't have to make an appointment. We don't have to bow down and beg. We need to just run into the field and ask Him. He is a big God, There is nothing you can't ask Him for. So don't be afraid to open your mouth and ask Him.

July 29, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I say there's a new seeding season. He said I call you to open up your mouth and to seed the atmosphere with seeds of victory and power and my over coming word.  Because, He said, I have a harvest planned; but this is the season to plant. And as you plant in the next four weeks, I'm going to come in the new season in 5779. And I am going to bring forth a harvest that is going to be unparalleled. He said it is time for your seeding to over take every other voice in the atmosphere. So today's confidence is that what you say will come to pass. 

Stephanie Condit: I heard that some of us have a preconceived idea of what war is like. And there's even some of us that have fear attached to the word "war".  So today, the Lord wants you to have a new idea; that today you are going to see and hear a different way to war. And I tell you what the Lord is saying; it might just be fun like, "Run devil Run!" 

July 22, 2018

Stephanie Condit: I heard the spirit of the Lord say that I'm exposing the enemy in your life. That he is going to metamorphosis into something that you can see. It is a time and a season that we can take it out, this mocking that comes that tries to discourage you, to make fun of you, to try to keep you from your destiny.   This is a season for those mocking spirits to go. 

Becky Albert:  I just kept hearing an alarm blowing in the realm of the spirit. It was like the Lord was saying, wake up, just wake up, just wake up. There is a devil and he's out to get you. But you have the Holy Ghost, you have angel armies, you have the blood of Jesus Christ, you have the victory of the cross, you have everything that you need to be triumphant, to choose to succeed in the Kingdom of God. So just wake up.

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say when DeeAnn was breaking soul ties that we have soul ties to ‘time.’ We have soul ties to the past season. When we have a soul tie to the past season and when the new and the next tries to move us forward, we can’t move because we are tied to the past because it’s comfortable. It is what we have known. It is where we have always been and how we have always operated. We don’t want to go into the new. I am going to break the soul tie off of everyone in this room and in the sound of my voice from ‘time.’ I am breaking the soul tie off time of past seasons and situations that we have been in that are holding us back from moving into the next and into the new. We are not going to be tied to the past anymore. We are not going to be tied to the past season and old ways. We are not going to be tied to the old ‘time’ anymore. We are moving on and moving forward and going into the new. In Jesus name.

July 15, 2018

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord saying I'm coming and breaking into your midst today as Lord of the breakthrough. I'm breaking you out and I'm breaking you through. I'm breaking you out of the chains that held you. I'm breaking you out of depression and despair. I'm breaking you out of sickness and disease. I'm breaking you out of doubt and unbelief. I'm breaking you out of poverty. 

The Lord says I am here as the Lord of the breakthrough. Will you receive my power? Will you allow me to break you out and break you through? For I am here with my breaker anointing and today can be the day that you have the breakthrough you have long sought and you've long desired. The Lord said I am here to break you through. And I'm going to break you out of apathy and I'm going to break you out of mind sets that have held you in lack and unbelief. Today is your day, today is your day. Receive Me as Lord of the breakthrough

July 8, 2018

Stephanie​ Condit:​T​he Lord says there is wisdom at the gate. I see the clouds of glory rolling in and in that cloud of glory there is wisdom. ​T​he Lord says I need you to seek me for that wisdom. There are decisions that are being made that are very important in this next month. You need wisdom to enter in. So the wisdom is going to come through the gate, it's going to come through the word, it's going to come through prayer, it's going to come through a person. Seek me for that wisdom to enter in so that you will be safe.

DeeAnn​ Ward: For I am creating new prototypes of ministry​; ​a​nd if you are free, you'll be able to see yourself moving in the new prototype that I have called you to operate in. The prototypes of the past were designed and framed up by the spirit of religion. ​T​hat power is being broken over my Ecclesia in this hour. So, watch out​, ​watch out​.  Nothing is impossible because you are part of the new prototype. You do not look like the religious format of ministry of the past season​, s​aith the Lord.

July 1, 2018

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say that an unprecedented move of heaven was​ getting ready to be released in the earth.  And all of heaven is aware and they are worshiping God to see i​t ​fulfilled.  As that gate opens from heaven and it touches the earth realm​;​ ​i​t will be soon, I believe it will be at the beginning of 5779.  As that move of heaven is released into the earth​,​ that gate, that portal is opened​;​​ y​ou will have the choice to cross over and enter in​t​o this ​unprecedented​ move of heaven that is getting ready to flood the earth.  

June 24, 2018

​Becky Albert: I hear the Lord saying there has been a great battle stirring in the heavens in this last season and even today. ​He is​ saying that many of you are weary in the room today​;​ and the enemy is after your faith and he is after your momentum. He doesn’t want you to believe that He is after your faith and momentum and he doesn’t want you to go forward in what God​ has called you to do. The Lord says it will cause you to do two things. It will cause you to freeze in fear or it will cause you to go back to what was.  God​ wants you to move forward not to freeze in fear. You must put your eyes on Him and believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He is asking you to seek Him in a way that you have not before. He says if you will seek Me, if you will take ​an​ extra five minutes a day even says the Lord. Cry out to Me and I will show Myself strong in your behalf. I will prove to you that I am Yahweh. I will prove to you that I am ruling and reigning. Every knee that is coming against you will bow and will acknowledge that I am the Lord of your life. Do not go back to what was. Do not go back to the familiar. The Lord says those are the ways the enemy wants to keep you in apathy. He wants to keep you held back ​in​ the ways of the past. God is saying today just put one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward. Keep trusting Me. Keep seeking Me. I will show Myself strong on your behalf.

Brenda Bechtel: (Tongues) message and interpretation:

The Lord is blowing over you today. The Lord is blowing over you today. He is blowing away all the past. He is blowing away the residue of the past:  all the shame, all the wounds. He is blowing it away. It is in the past and it is gone today. 

​Stephanie Condit: The Lord says let Me address those bitter roots. There is bitterness that you have been hanging on to. I want to take that away. It is affecting you physically. Just give Me a moment, give Me a chance. Let me tell you a different perspective on the situation.

Denise Nutt: When we were doing the last song. The Lord was showing me to let the drums penetrate your spirit man, go past your soul. It felt good, it sounded good. But, you have to go past that. Just say this is a day of new awakening. Let Me wake up what is deep down inside of you.

June 17, 2018

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord is saying today there are those of you that go through season or cycles of loneliness. And in those cycles and seasons of loneliness there are bad decisions being made. And He is saying call on Me and let Me be your friend in those times. So you can make those right decisions. Let Me be your friend.

June 10, 2018

DeeAnn​ Ward:​ For the Lord would say don't be afraid of the momentum that is moving at a faster pace than at the last season. Don't be afraid or give room or place to any kind of fear that would cause you to slow down, cause you to hesitate. But move by faith as you go forward​.  Because I've got a ride for you​ t​hat will thrill your soul. I've got a ride for you that will bring you into a glorious, victorious soul experience. I have created your soul to ride with Me. I have created your will, your mind, your emotions to get caught up in something refreshing and new.  So don't give place to fear. Don't give an opening to fear this season. For I have come to bring you into an overcoming mindset and a faith that can move mountains.  

Becky Albert: So it's an invitation says the Lord. Will you ride with Me is an invitation says the Lord. It's a call to duty says the Lord. It's not just a rhetorical question. He is saying, I want you to ride with Me. Will you ride with Me​?  Today is decision day​;​ an invitation day. And we say, YES LORD.

June 3, 2018

DeeAnn Ward:​ I saw a ​stagnant mud pit pond and ​the Lord ​says there's no movement in stagnant water. And He said I've got a movement and momentum that I want you to jump into today. The river is rising the fresh new anointing is  ready to move you forward. Don't let anything hold back the momentum​; don't let any kind of activity​!​ He said you think that the enemy doesn't want to slow you down, well he does. And if he can slow you down you'll end up like a stagnant mud pit.  So God says let Me wash you clean, let Me revive you, let Me send you forth, in a brand new level of momentum. And He says that momentum will come up over your head and He says that will be a good thing, satin the Lord.

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord say that I'm calling you into an army today. That you​ are​ getting ready to go into boot camp. That this is a season you need to envision yourself. If you have an office job​,​ you need to see yourself with your work clothes on and you​'ve​ got combat boots on under your desk.  Because this is a season where I am calling every single one of you in​to​ the army​; e​very single one of you that are going to advance the Kingdom​.​ And this is a season where we're going to run drills. This is so you can practice. This is not life or death. But I'm going to get you ready to where when the situation comes that it matters, ​you are ready! ​ ​So​ this is a season that "Uncle Sam" is calling. But it's the Lord​!​

Becky Albert: I saw angels doing a ring dance around a portal. And through that portal was this gushing river of water. Like a waterfall you see, that's clear​,​ crystal clear. And they, one at a time would let go of their hands as they were doing this ring dance and jump into the water​!​ ​ It ​was so filled with joy​,​ I just stated laughing. Then the joy of the Lord hit me, so we love it, don't we​?​

May 27, 2018

DeeAnn Ward:​ I have made you free that you might walk through the narrow gate this season. For the gate is narrow. The new gate is narrow. Haven't I spoken to you about not looking to the left or to the right? Because if you look to the left or to the right, you will have the opinions of men riding in your soul. And I have ​called you to dispel the opinions of others in this season that you could go forward in the narrow way, with your eyes upon M​e. And receive the ultimate benefit, the ultimate reward and favor of being free, saith ​the Lord. 

Stephanie Condit:​ The Lord says this is the season of Esther to rise and there is​an Esther in each one of us. And He says there's going to be a moment in time during this month, where there's an opportunity,​ where you can fear and run or go forward. And God says I want you to go forward because it's a season where I'm going to turn and turn Hamans​ on themselves. Review your prophetic words and let Me highlight​in this season of Esther where there is fear that has ​held you back. I want you to go forward in Jesus name. 

Becky Albert:​ It was a season to review your prophetic words. It's so easy for us to want a prophetic word and to receive a prophetic word. But what are we​ doing with those prophetic words? The Lord is saying in this season,​ I have spoken to you. I have directed you. I have shown you My love. I have shown you My power. I have shown you My glory. But you need to steward what I have shown you. You need to press into the word that I have for you, b​ecause this is the season of crossing over. This is the season of the Esther favor upon your life. Hear what I have said and​ review your prophetic words​. Attach your faith to what I've said and go forward with Me.  

DeeAnnWard:​ I would say that's your gate. You need​a gate. We all have a gate. And it may not be the same gate as anyone else,​ but if you'll meditate on it you'll be at the right place doing the right thing at the right time. You'll be aligned for your inheritance. 

May 20, 2018

Stephanie Condit: The Lord is saying I want you to receive the gifts I am handing out and it's better than silver and gold. Just lift up your hands and say, I receive. I receive all that joy, I receive that love. The Lord says these gifts are going to multiply and they’re going to come in a suddenly. It all can change in a day. 

Lisa Kilts:  I heard the Lord say He wants you to know how pleased He is with this body. How pleased He is with us choosing to connect with His time, with His time gates, in the right time, in the right place. He is so pleased and He says to expect as you enter into these time gates - stay in time with Him - to expect an overflowing from heaven that will release power, might, glory, love.  As we connect in these time gates, this is very important He says. He is so full of joy. He wants you to know how full of joy He is that we have chosen to walk in time with Him. To expect as this year unfolds and we stay in these time gates. It's going to be big, there's going to be things He releases in us, through us, to us. It's going to look like the provision of God in it's fullness. And He's going to overflow, His cup is going to overflow into you. His cup of joy. What He is feeling because we chose Him is going to overflow into you. 

Sheila Zimmerman: The Lord is coming to instruct us today. And He is instructing us on joy. As the disciples went out on the day of Pentecost, they were so full of joy that they thought they were drunk. The Lord says I'm coming today to shift your thinking on joy and to bring you into a newness and fullness of My Holy Spirit and all I can do. 

May 13, 2018

Becky Albert: When DeeAnn was seeing a line dance, I was hearing laughter. Just this great laughter throughout heaven and I heard the Lord say, you just have no idea, You have no idea how much I love you. You have no idea how precious you are to Me. You have no idea of the goodness that is yours, coming your way. 

DeeAnn Ward:  The Lord says, I'm going to give some little, goodness surprises. Yes. You had no idea, says God. Yes, I don't think we do have any idea. 

Stephanie Condit: What I feel that the Lord wants me to do is release a blessing over you because of His goodness. Because He wants a blessing, not only on the mothers on this Mother’s Day. So I release a blessing on every single person in here right now. 

We call your spirit to attention and we say that you have everything you need. We say it's unpacked today. I bless you with new unpacking, with things in your spirit that have never been opened and used. I bless you with those gifts, in Jesus name. 

May 6, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: For the Lord would say I am invading the earth ream. Even this moment, even this day. Even as you have sown the words. I have predestined you to operate in that kingdom authority. I have called you to extend My kingdom into the earth with My invading authority.

I've come to tell you to rise up, to say what I say and do what I do. And to break the curses off the land, off the nations, off the people. 

I say you were created for this moment. Everything that you have done in your life has come to the apex of this season. 

I say My gates are open wide. I say there is no hindrance to come up hither. I say come up hither and receive your inheritance that you might deliver My inheritance in the earth, saith the Lord. 

When you open up your mouth, fire will come out. When you open up your mouth, rain will come out. When you open up your mouth, you will be the agent that parts the Red Sea. You will be the agent that challenges the prophets of baal. And you will do it with a sly, cunning, secret knowledge of who you are. 

The world does not know who I am making you into, saith the Lord. 

Katherine Watsey: I've been saying this weekend how the Lord came down. It says in Psalm 77 that the waters saw You oh God and the waters saw You, they were in anguish. And it says that His footsteps were not known. He is coming down. He is coming down into your situations. He is coming down to that Red Sea for you. Your Red Sea will become a gate. It is becoming a portal. It's becoming a gate, in the year of the gates. 

The Lord would say that there are many things from now until the Head of the Year that I will take. That what seemed to be a wall, what seemed to be a stop, what seemed to be a mountain and I will make it a gate. Then this is only the beginning of My breaking through the gates, says the Lord.  And I will transform things in front of you and I will transform things in the earth that have even been raised up to stop My purposes says the Lord. And I will transform them into the gates of heaven, the gates of the future, the gates of breakthrough, says the Lord. 

DeeAnn Ward: And I am rearranging the priorities of your prayer life. There are things that you’re stuck on that I'm not in. I want you to move with Me in this next season. I want you to let go of what you think is important and I want you to lay your ear on My breast. 

And let Me tell you where to invest your faith, where to invest your time, where to invest your passion and your energy. Let Me rearrange your mind. That you might come in to the river of My Holy Spirit instruction. In Jesus name. 

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord saying, many of you have had an assault of the enemy against you that has driven you to this gate of the Red Sea. He has come to steal your wealth, your health, your destiny and most of all, your faith. But the Lord says, I am here today. I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah and I am roaring over you with recompense, says the Lord. I am here at this gate to cause you to pass through. And I will reward and recompense for your faith that you have stood in the assault of the enemy. So do not be dismayed, do not be in fear. Trust Me just a little while longer to take you over the Red Sea. 

For it is your gate of breakthrough. It is your gate of recompense and reward, says the Lord. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says there's a trauma in your soul that has come because of the weight and the delay. Even though it was working good in you. The Lord says today I want to come and heal that, so that when the manifestation comes you can receive it with the fullness of joy. 

Pam Good: The Lord would say that everything you have given to the furnace is not lost, but He is going to use that and it's going to be powerful in His hands. You would not believe how powerful everything we've left in the furnace is. 

Katherine Watsey: The Lord would say I'm going to cause you to pass in front of the enemy. And the Lord says as I turn those portals, those walls, those mountains, those seas into gates, I will cause you to pass right before the enemy and trample him under your feet, says the Lord. 

And the Lord says the enemy is going to see with his eyes and you will see with your eyes, the defeat of the enemy. And as you cross to that place, the Lord says I will bring you into My presence and My glory. So that you may conquer your enemies more and more.

April 29, 2018

Lisa Kilts: Driving into town I was meditating on the Lord, saying God You know I want to see You, I want to feel Your presence. I saw two angels at the north gate of Ark City and they were just fanning. They had these huge fans, they were huge and they were fanning.  So the Lord would say. I am fanning My presence in you. There is a piece of the kingdom of God in each one of you.  As you come here corporately, I want to release a kingdom expression corporately. I am fanning My presence over each one of you today and over the city of Ark City. So expect, expect to release something of the kingdom of God, from the inside of you into the earth.  

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I am blowing away lies that you believe about Me. There is a goodness that wants to be released, that needs to be released about Me. I'm blowing away the lies that you are believing about Me and yourself, says the Lord. 

DeeAnn Ward: I saw two things, I saw those old movies, those Egyptian movies where the king is setting on the throne and there are two or three people on either side and they're fanning because he’s royalty. And they want him to be very, very comfortable. God says this is the day I come to bring My comfort. This is the day there's a new wind of comfort for your life. There's a new wind that blows away the lies and brings the comfort of the trueness of My Holy Spirit. Get ready to enjoy yourself in this next spirit time. Because I am present. When you fan something you set it on fire. The fire heats up so I would say, we'll just take that as well. Let's get fired up, let’s get fired up. Let's tell the devil “what for” and let’s get fired up. Let’s expose the lies and let’s get fired up in the presence of All Mighty God. Amen. 

 Denise Nutt:  We are coming to a time of the greatest show on earth. Get ready for the light show. There is an invitation going out to the light show and the “ticket” is belief. You have to believe. This is all about the glory. God created us. He's saying, I created you to carry My glory.  Show can be a verb. There is a son, ‘show me your glory.’ That's a verb, that's an action, show me. Then there's also a show, like you go to a show. And I believe that's what the Lord is saying, that He's getting ready to reveal the glory. And where are you in the midst of that?  You can be part of that if you want to.  I think of the greatest show on earth, when they had the circus. There were people that were the performers, they're in it. Or you go and watch. We can have box seats. We're seated with Christ. So we can watch the show or we can be part of the show. Whichever the Lord chooses. Because when He manifests in the earth realm, He's going to use His people to show off and show up. But we have to believe, so get ready for the greatest show on earth. 

April 22, 2018

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord would say that I want you to know that my love is loyal. That every situation that you are going through, My love is there, My love is faithful. And I want to give you eyes to see it so that you can filter that situation through My love so that you can see that it's there. My love will strengthen you.

Becky Albert: So I prophecy this morning to every spirit of darkness that has come at you with rudeness and doubt and unbelief and struggle and pain. I prophecy to the darkness and I say the light has come. I say that the glory of the Lord has risen upon every person in this room today. Upon every destiny in this room today.  And how dare you, devil to mess with who we are. I prophecy to you and I say that if God is for you who can be against you? I prophecy to the destiny of this house and I say if God is for us who can be against us?  The Lord says I rule, I reign, alone.  

Denise Nutt:  I heard the Lord say what do you believe? And He is saying today you need to choose what you believe. And there's a lot of sound. There's a lot of vibration that's coming from the secular world, but really from religion, trying to tell you what you ought to believe. And He's saying choose this day to believe Me. 

April 15, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I want to invite you personally today saith the Lord, to wear my victors crown. I am bringing down the high thing. I am destroying the stronghold. I am dealing in this season with every trauma, with every besetting sin to break you out. Where I have pre-destined, I have pre-destined you to wear the victor’s crown, saith the Lord. 

Everything I am doing in your life at this point is to deliver you from the past and break you into a new mindset, which creates a new season of faith and overcoming power of My spirit, saith the Lord. 

Don't back up, it's not two steps forward and three steps back, in this season saith the Lord. It's a run to the finish. It's a run into victory. It's a run into the power and authority I've called you to be as I am and I am the one who walks on the water. I am the one who parts the seas. And I've called you to think outside your past season and into My word of victory, saith the Lord. 

I've come to set a fire. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I want you to reboot to the power of the resurrection. The miracles begin with the resurrection.  Don't reboot all the way back before the cross. But reboot to the cross and the resurrection. That's where the power and beginning of miracles are at. 

Denise Nutt: I heard the Lord say "it is finished!” I went to the cross as the Lamb willingly and when I said, it is finished; it shook heaven, it shook earth, creation and it shook hell. 

But I want you to know that I came off that cross as the Lion! I am saying today as the Lion, "It is finished." 

Lisa Kilts: I'm just going to say what I saw, I did see crowns from heaven. I saw them falling on everyone. And I just heard the Lord say, I am infusing you with the dunamis power of the resurrection of My son Jesus. 

Becky Albert: I do hear that roar of the Lion of Judah. I heard it, do you hear it? And it's rising up in your spirit! The Lord says if you'll allow the roar of the Lion of Judah to come up out of you, if you will open your gates to Me today; the roar of the Lion of Judah will set you free.

It will absolutely cause you to be filled with the power and the glory that you have never walked in before says the Lord. I will set you on fire as a living flame. Every where your foot steps, you will take it for the Kingdom of God. So allow the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah to come through your gate today.

April 1, 2018

Stephanie Condit: I heard the Lord early this morning. I want you to trust Me, I want you to trust Me because there is life coming back to things that have been dead. It's resurrection life that is coming back to those things that you thought were gone and lost. Now they're coming back, they’re coming back. They may not come back the same but the Lord says, trust Me as I revive some of those things. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say today expect, expect, through this gate of Passover, through this gate of His resurrection, a glory explosion. It will remove the mixture that has been in the church for ages, for ages. Since about 500 years after He died. He is going to remove that mixture. He is going to get the glory. Jesus Christ will get the glory He deserves. 

March 18, 2018

Stephanie Condit:  So this is what I heard the Lord say this morning, I want to come and redeem some things. I want to come and redeem some things. First of all you could of made some bad choices in the past. But I want to give a new set of eyes and that you can look at that situation differently. Then I can also come in and I can change some things. I can redeem some things. I can bring some new life into those situations that you thought were just life changing and just ruined everything. But God says I just want to bring in redemption this month. And so I am giving you a new set of eyes to see things from the stand point of redemption. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say as we were worshiping that we're in a new era. And in this new era, My redemption in thisseason, I'm going to show you what I plan to do in the earth. That I have sent you to this earth. You came from me. I sent you the seeds of redemption in your DNA. They are there, you just need to connect with Me, the door. Jesus says I am the door, connect with Him.  Seek Him, press into Him and He will show you these seeds of redemption that you came to earth with, It's not something you are going to grab out here. It's something you came to earth with. You came from heaven to earth with these seeds and He wants to plant them in the earth and show Himself off. 

Becky Albert: For I have placed in your hand the key of the Lion of Judah.  Jesus Christ is the key to your perpetual open doors says the Lord. And because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, whatever it is that you are facing and whatever it is that’s been in your past, the Lord says there is redemption that's perpetually opened to you. And I will use you to plant the seeds of redemption in this earth realm. So remember in this month of Judah to praise the Lion of the tribe of Judah for He is your perpetual key.