Pentecost 2020

    05.30.20 | by Sandy Newman by DeeAnn Ward

    Pentecost is about heaven opening. People had been celebrating Pentecost since Moses...then the fullness came.
    ...And when the day of Pentecost had fully come...Acts 2

    Suddenly three keys dropped out of heaven...or appeared...or manifested...or something...

    Three keys: Wind; Fire; Language.

    Wind - Revelation
    Fire - Power
    Language - Strategy

    It's recorded in Matthew 16 that Jesus took His disciples to Caesarea Philippi. He used language as a strategy to blow their minds and shatter their small thinking.

    He tells the disciples that the authority they have is so powerful that it will win (burn) against the gates of hell.

    Jesus introduced to them, in the most perverse, occultic, dark place, that revelation can come as keys to unlock what has been locked up forever.

    Through this pandemic, the Lord has been confirming in us that we can love Him and others, serve Him and others, honor Him and others in new and different ways.

    We can participate in the radical, new thing God is doing by not worrying about the direction the government is taking. By not worrying, we do not mean, don't get involved, don't pray, don't stay informed, don't protest, if appropriate in God's eyes.

    Here's a check up - from the neck up - which is usually the problem.

    Worry: giving your mind to a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual problems or potential problems. The result of relinquishing our mind is distress, nervousness, uneasiness, stress and dread. To all that we say - I have the mind of Christ and all that other stuff must submit to His mind.

    "Key" Declarations:
    • Don't worry about a thing.
    • The goodness of God is my reality.
    • The wind of revelation propels me.
    • The fire-power of the spirit is unmatched.
    • The strategy of spirit language is in my mouth.

    Things are responding to our words every day. Because of that, we speak good things to all that surrounds our lives.

    If we really believe the declarations we just read, we will watch our thoughts and words and cancel any thought or word that contradicts the reality we want.

    Now that is profound!

    DeeAnn and I will say this again - we are grateful that you are in our lives. We are grateful for your friendship, your prayers, your trust, your giving, your strong faith. We do not take for granted that you allow us to speak into your lives.

    Life, Love and Joy,

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward