The Hebrew Month of Tishrei

    09.12.18 | by Sandy Newman by DeeAnn Ward

    SEPTEMBER 10 2018
    SEPTEMBER 10 – OCTOBER 9 2018

    The new Hebrew year occurs in the month of Tishrei and comes with revelation for the year ahead. This month is called the “gate of new beginnings.” It implies that God will give a “do over.” He will redeem our time, our life, our faith, our city…whatever needs redemption. The key is we must not try to figure out how He’s going to redeem all that. That can set us up for disappointment and eventually, unbelief.

    Here’s something very cool – Tishrei can be better than we think. Listen, all the trouble, fear, anxiety, anger, confusion, rejection, betrayal are not because the enemy is stronger – he is a defeatable foe. We say we will not come under the enemy’s power and intimidation. In fact today, we break that power from affecting our faith, in Jesus Name. God uses our voice to release His will. Heaven is invading the earth and there is a set time for kingdom occupation. We will exercise our redemptive rights as sons of God. It’s time we say with a confident faith – THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE. Direct that decree into every area and sphere that is clashing with the Biblical worldview and faith based principles you hold in your heart.

    We declare over you in this new month and new year:
    • You are complete, lacking nothing
    • You take charge of your life
    • You deserve to be happy, prosperous and fulfilled

    One of the amazing graces available in Tishrei is leaving behind what negatively affects us. All the past issues that brought an absence of life have the potential of being broken off.
    Old things are passed away, all things are new.
    I expect new, good things to begin now.
    I activate my faith to believe for the new and good in the midst of old and bad.

    DeeAnn began to say this to me a couple days ago…changed my thinking, let it do the same for you.
    WHAT IF:
    * what if you are more powerful than any witness in the earth up to this point in your life
    * what if you are exceedingly, abundantly blessed
    * what if you choose to step out of a false identity that has been placed on you
    * what if it’s God’s intent to release the kingdom through your life
    * what if it all turns out better than you even expected
    * what if you have been singled out by the enemy to destroy your life because you have greater
    power than you could ever imagine
    * what if you are smarter than you ever knew you could be
    Those are DeeAnn’s what if’s.

    God has His what if’s.
    What if today you see something new and feel the witness that the kingdom of God has come as a seed of hope.
    What if it ALL works out for good.

    We’re saying it again - we so appreciate your gifts, your words, your encouragement. It provides strength to keep moving forward. Many of you comment on destiny’s facebook page or send an email concerning what you received watching one of the videos. We love it!

    What if, starting this month and throughout the new year, you experienced super-abundantly above all you could think, ask or imagine!

    Sandy Newman and DeeAnn Ward